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IRS Valuations

IRS Valuations offers the professional appraisal and valuation of jewellery, watches, silver and clocks. It is my aim to promote the world of valuations by offering an informative insight and a professional service at a more affordable price.


Jewellery appraisals and valuations has long been the domain of a comparatively small number of consumers only. My website has been designed to not only retain these consumers but to widen the appeal of appraisals to more people. There are a number of ways of doing this. The obvious ways are to make the service more affordable and more accessible. Important though is to be informative by giving knowledge of the service its self, its working procedures and ethics. Also making consumers aware of what they should or should not get from a properly run professional valuation service. Hopefully my website will give you a good insight and make jewellery valuations and appraisals more attractive. I will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about this service please feel free to contact me.


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IRS Valuations offer the professional appraisal and valuation of jewellery, watches, silver and clocks. Primarily operating and specialising in home visits to provide a discreet, efficient and timely service in the privacy of your own home. I would be happy to travel any distance be it 3 miles, 30 miles or 300 miles. Longer distances may be subject to some price negotiation and  deposit payment. Alternative arrangements to appraise items can be made, you may wish to send me items. At all stages it is my chief consideration that your items remain safe, secure and insured.


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Affordable and ethical fees…………..

My fees have been researched and designed to be more affordable as well as ethical and are detailed with no hidden extras on an easy to understand transparent price list. Having been actively involved in appraisal and valuation work since 1998 I am aware of the different pricing structures. A percentage of the total value seems quite a popular way to charge but you don't know the figure you are going to pay until after the work is complete. Not only this but the value of the items appraised could well have been influenced by the price you have been charged? I charge on a per item basis and will quote you a fee before any appraising starts. You will then have a free choice to make, proceed with the appraisal at the price quoted or simply decline the service and pay nothing. No unpleasant surprising charges and no fees influenced by value!


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Ethics are important to me..............

 I have undertaken to abide by the National Association of Goldsmiths principles of good practice. I am also keen to promote good practice in appraisal and valuation work throughout the jewellery trade. As an independant valuer I have no affiliation or interest in any outside business. My valuations and appraisals are not and will not be influenced by any outside forces. Alternatively, it is also important to note that in providing an appraisal and valuation service I will not support or influence the sale of items within the jewellery trade. A 'Private Sale', as detailed below, is something completely different. My expertise is available to anyone in connection with the valuation and appraisal of jewellery only. 


What you get for your money………….

I have researched the fees of many other professional valuers and have come up with a more affordable competative price list. This in no way means a less profesional service. What it does mean is no overpriced 'frilly bits' or unnecessary charges for work, equipment or stationery. (Not unless you want them of course.) With all appraisals and valuations you will receive paper documentation and CD's of appraisal schedules which will include full and detailed descriptions of all items, digital images, schedule notes, any explanatory notes and letters of transmittal. These will be neatly packaged in a white gloss corporate presentation folder. Any necessary documents are duplicated so they can be used as copies that can be given to insurance companies, solicitors or police. Each item will be fully inspected and where necessary a note of condition or advice on repair work needed detailed within the schedule. Further to this any advice you require in any respect of your jewellery please feel free to ask. I do not charge for advice. All this from a fully qualified, experienced and knowledgable professional with an extensive range of gem and jewellery testing equipment, a library of reference books and access to any necessary price lists and trade information.


To view or download a sample schedule press HERE.


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The duration of an appraisal and valuation………….

The length of time an appraisal takes to complete varies depending on the number of items and their complexity. The aim is to complete inspection in the quickest time without compromising standards. Hopefully this will mean within a day. After inspection I may need time to do some research and then produce documentation, this is likely to follow at least three to four days after the initial inspection. A better estimate of time will be determined as soon as I know the number of items and their complexity. If I am aware the schedule is required urgently I will of course do my best to oblige.


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A valuation has to be for a specific purpose............


Insurance Valuation    This is the typical type of valuation sought, and is compiled on the basis of what a broadly similar article will cost to replace in the unfortunate event of loss or damage. In the event that a claim has to be made the onus is on the claimant to prove what items are being claimed for and their value. A valuation certificate solves this with no added stress. In the event of reclaiming lost or stolen items the same documents act as proof of ownership.


Conformation of Will (or Probate)    This type of valuation may be required upon the death of the owner of jewellery and other valuables, in order to be submitted to legal representatives winding up the estate; possible liability for death duties may ensue.


Divorce/Family Division    This class of valuation is becoming more common today, unfortunately, and reflects the reality of the breakdown of so many marriages and relationships, often resulting in the intervention of the legal system.


Private Sale    This type of valuation applies where one wishes to sell an article of value to an individual privately, and needs to know what is a reasonable price to ask for it.


Post Loss Assessment    Strictly speaking this is not a valuation. When you are making a claim for lost or stolen goods the onus is on the owner of the goods to prove what goods are being claimed for and their value. If you haven't had have your items appraised and valued prior to this your best chance of recouping any recompense is to have a post loss assessment carried out. The values ascertained on such documents are reliant on honesty and good descriptions from the claimant of the items subject of the claim. Responsibility of accuracy is soley down to the claimant. As a valuer I would do my best to work out values and then document everything. These type of documents are not as acceptable by insurance companies as an insurance valuation. They are likely to be questioned and result in inaccurate recompense. It is a shrewd move to have your valuables appraised, listed and detailed on a document before anything unpredictable happens to them. 


A valuation has to be for a specific purpose "What it is worth" can mean different things in different circumstances.


For members of the trade I have a special page which requires a password. Send me an email including the name of your business and its address and I will send you the password. Then by clicking under 'Valuation Charges' button at the top of the website you will be able to access the trade page.