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Valuer Ian Saunders

 History & Credentials


Valuer Ian Saunders, has worked continuously in the  jewellery trade since August 1982 when he started as a trainee with H. Samuel. Working mainly in the Worksop and Grimsby branches he achieved the status of assistant manager before leaving in 1987 to join Sheffield based jeweller Bramall's Gold Room.


He worked in both their Fargate and Hillsborough showrooms. The Hillsborough branch was based literally next door to Sheffield Wednesday's football ground, purely a showroom with no shop frontage. It originated from the scrap business next door and started life as a decorated cigar box.


He decided that he would start working towards jewellery qualifications beginning with the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) Jewellery Diploma Course. After spending almost eight happy years with Bramall's, making many friends along the way, he joined H. L. Brown Jewellers also based in Sheffield to become assistant manager of their brand new store in the Meadowhall shopping centre.


It was here that Ian developed a real gemological interest with the help and support of then manager Stuart Hindley and training director James Frampton and passed the NAG's Gemstone Diploma Course. In 1998 he was promoted to the managers' position at the branch and was the youngest manager in the group. At the same time and at his own expense he studied and passed the Gem Diamond Diploma course being qualified to grade diamonds. He became a member of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and at this stage he was the only person in the H. L. Brown group to hold diamond qualifications. 


After the diamond qualifications came the start of appraisal and valuation work. This continued throughout the rest of his time with H. L. Brown before leaving to join Nolan's Jewellers of Market Harborough as manager in 2001. Here he achieved the Professional Jewellers' Valuation Diploma awarded by the NAG.


With good experience and qualifications behind him he developed a good valuation business for a group of five shops while with Nolan's as well as managing a store. Throughout his time with H. L. Brown and Nolan's he collected and amassed numerous items of gemological testing equipment and an extensive library of books.


In March 2010 Ian relocated to Grangemouth, Scotland to be with his partner Linda. They married in January 2011. As a Member of the Institute of Registered Valuers his details can be viewed on the National Association of Goldsmiths website. www.jewelleryvaluers.org   Ian is also an Associate Member of the British Horological Institute.


Gemmological Equipment:    (See Gemmology Corner Page)

Binocular Microscope                             Refractometer                            Monochromatic Light Source        

Brewster Angle Meter                             UV Light Box                               Flexi Magnifying Glass

Digital Microscope                                   Zeiss 10x Loupe                         Presidum Gem Tester

Folding Dichroscope                               Chelsea Colour Filter                Hanneman Ruby Filter

Hanneman Aqua-Filter                          Synthetic Emerald Filter         Emerald Support Filter

Hanneman Tanzanite Filter                 Parcel Pickers Filter                  Mini LED Microscope

Diamond Colour Grading Set               Poloariscope (with light)         OPL Spectroscope

Plain Spectroscope                                  Fold Over Polariscope              Stone Viewing Cylinder

20x Loupe                                                   Mini Maglite                                  Stone Tweezers (2 pairs)

Zelco Flexible Light                                 Dia/Moissanite Tester               Conoscope

Digital Scales (0 - 5000 gms)              Digital Scales (0 -  500 g)          Tanita Digital Scales (0 - 100 g)

Diamond & Pearl Gauge                         Metal Ct Gauge (all shapes)      Schindler Loupe

Weight Estimation Loupe                     Presidum Dial Gauge                   Hanging Scales

10x UV Loupe                                           10x Loupe with light                   Portable Ultra Violet

Gemstone Collection (200)                  Diamond Grading Light

Gemmology Corner Page:   Read about the Geiger Counters use in gemmology.......... 

Other Equipment:   

Electronic Precious Metal Tester                Troy Metal Testing Acids                           Digital Camera

Jewellers Rouge                                                 Sonic Jewellery Cleaner

Various Buffing Sticks                                     Polishing Drill                                                

Various Polishing Cloths                               Gem E Square Software 

Gem E Price Software                                      Gemology Tools Professional Software                

Word Processor                                                Internet Access  


 My Library.......

19th & 20th Century Pocket Watches Price Guide   CD      Edenn Ltd       

Agates                                                                             MacPherson Dr HG (Nat History Mus)

An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry                                   Newman  Harold       

An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware                               Newman  Harold       

Antique Bracket Clock Collectors Price Guide   CD            Edenn Ltd       

Antique Carriage Clock Collectors Price Guide   CD           Edenn Ltd       

Antique Pocket Barometer Collectors Price Guide   CD       Edenn Ltd       

Antique Wall Clock Collectors Price Guide   CD                 Edenn Ltd      

Antique& Twentieth Century Jewellery                              Becker  Vivienne      

Baume & Mercier Booklet                                                 Baume & Mercier    

Bell & Ross   BR-S                                                            Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Catalogue                                                       Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Watch Catalogue                                            Bell & Ross 

Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks                                            Bradbury  Fredrick   

Breitling 1884  Instruments for Professionals                       Breitling         

Bremont Watch Company                                                  Bremont      

British Campaign Medals 1815-1914                                   Duckers  Peter          

British Campaign Medals 1914-2005                                   Duckers  Peter          

Cameos  Old & New                                                         Miller  Anna M.      

Cartier                                                                              Cartier      

Chopard  A Feminine Kind of Magic                                   Chopard        

Classic Wristwatches (Price Guide for Collectors)               Muser Stefan & Horlbeck Michael Ph.

Collecting World Coins     11th Official Edition                    Michael  Thomas & Cuhaj George S.

Complete Price Guide To Watches                                     Shugart  Cooksey & Gilbert Richard E.

Cult Watches                                                                    Balfour  Michael    

Diamond Grading ABC                                                      Pagel-Theisen  Verena         

Diamond Ring Buying Guide                                               Newman  Renee      

E F Co Logines                                                                 Longines    

Ebel The Architects of Time                                               Ebel 

English Silver Hallmarks    (Dealer Guides)                          Banister  Judith          

Ethnic Jewellery From Africa, Asia, & Pacific Islands          Rene van de Star         

Fluorescence   (Gems & Minerals Under UV Light)            Robbins  Manuel.        

Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide                                             Newman  Renee      

Gem Care                                                                          Ward  Fred

Gem Stones   Eye Witness Handbooks                                Hall  Cally     

Gems & Jewelry Appraising                                               Miller  Anna M.       

Gems TV                                                                          Gems TV   

Gemstone Buying Guide                                                     Newman  Renee      

Gemstone Buying Guide    Second Edition                           Newman  Renee        

Gemstones of the World                                                     Schumann  Walter   

Handbook of Gem Identification                                          Liddicoat  Richard T.

Handbook of Watch and Clock Repairs                               Harris  H G   

Important Collectors Watches, Pkt Watches & Clocks         Antiquorium Auction    

Indian Jewellery                                                                 Barnard  Nick         

Jackson's Hallmarks                                                           Pickford  Ian           

Jackson's Hallmarks   Pocket Edition                                   Pickford  Ian 

Jaeger-LeCoultre 2008 Edition                                             Jaeger-LeCoultre     

Jewellery Manufacture & Repair                                         Jarvis  Charles          

Jewelry  From Antiquity to the Present                                 Phillips  Clare

Jewelry Handbook   How to Select, Wear & Care                Newman  Renee         

Longines Catalogue                                                             Longines     

Millers Collectables Price Guide            

Old Silver & Old Sheffield Plate                                          Okie Howard Pitcher

Omega Collection                                                               Omega       

Oyster Perpetual Rolex Watch Catalogue                            Rolex 

Patek Philippe Geneve - Collection Highlights                       Patek Philippe

Pearl Buying Guide    Fourth Edition                                    Newman  Renee       

Pearl Buying Guide    Third Edition                                      Newman  Renee       

Pendant & Pocket Watches 1500 - 1950 (ID & Values)       Bell  C. Jeanenne        

Rado  Switzerland                                                               Rado          

Rado  Switzerland                                                               Rado          

Records & Badges of Every Reg & Corps Vol 1                  Chichester H & Burges-Short George

Records & Badges of Every Reg & Corps Vol 2                  Chichester H & Burges-Short George

Rolex Watch Catalogue                                                       Rolex           

Rolex Watch Catalogue                                                       Rolex           

Secrets to Collecting Jewelry                                                Leshner  Leigh          

Smith & Sons Ltd - Guide to the Purchase of a Watch                

Standard Catalogue of GEM VALUES   2nd Edition              Miller  Anna M. & Sinkankas John

Step by Step Bead Stringing                                                  Poris  Ruth F.

Tag Heuer Swiss Avant Garde Since 1860                            Tag Heuer      

The B H I Conservation of Clocks and Watches                    Wills  Peter B 

The Camerer Cuss Book of Antique Watches                        Camerer Cuss  T. P.   

The Complete Handbook for Gemstone Weight Est                Carmona Charles I. Liddicoat R T.                                                                         The Dealers Book of Gems & Diamonds Vol 1                     Sevdermish  M. & Mashiah A.

The Dealers Book of Gems & Diamonds Vol 2                     Sevdermish  M. & Mashiah A.

The Jewelers Guide to Effective Insurance Appraising           Joseph  Ralph S.           

The Little Brown Guide to Silver                                          Coradeschi  Sergio     

The Retail Jewellers Guide    Fifth Edition                             Kenneth Blakemore     

The Retail Jewellers Guide    Sixth Edition                            Kenneth Blakemore & Eddie Stanley                                                                            The Retail Jewellery Guide  Third Edition                              Kenneth Blakemore   

The Watch Repairers Manual                                               Fried  Henry B.         

The Watch Repairers Instructor                                           Britten  F. W.

Tissot   Swiss Watches Since 1853                                       Tissot

Tudor                                                                                  Tudor        

Understanding Jewellery                                                      Bennett  David & Mascetti  Daniela

Visual Optics - The Hodgkinson Method                               Hodgkinson  Alan       

Warmans Jewelry   Identification and Price Guide                 Romero  Christie          

Watches From IWC                                                            IWC

Wristwatch Annual                                                              Braun  Peter

Wristwatches  How to Compare & Value                            Jonathan Scratchard