Retail trade prices and information.........

Trade Prices and Information.......

I am happy to work for you the retail jeweller but why have me as your valuer?

*Your customers would receive a professional appraisal and valuation  service as described in this website.

*You would receive a good profit from a professional service. It would be my aim to create a mark up of around 2.4 for   you. 

*You will enhance your reputation and add kudos to your store in providing this service.

*It is a reason for customers to enter your premises and for you to show them what you have and take some money.   You can show off your expertise for a profit.

*Your customers have another reason to return to you and therefor you the opportunity to make more profit.

*I would be working for you and performing my duties as a valuer as though an employee of yours.

*Opportunities to offer consumers other services and products within your business often occur as a result of this service. These add-ons mean more profit.

*Everything will be perfomed in the strictest of confidence and privacy within your normal day to day working practises. No conflicts of interests will exist and all information will be treated in the strictest of confidence, not discussed or repeated outside of your store.

*Valuation schedules or documents will be formed using your own letterhead be it an existing one or one you would like me to design.

How do I work?

*In effect I become a member of your staff.

*I can perform the inspection of items to be valued in branch so you don't have to worry about them leaving your premises and certainly no worries about them being in the postal system.

*You can arrange for your client to meet me in branch to have their items valued. This is better if there are only a small number of items.

*An arrangement can be made for me to visit your client at their home. You would need to take account of mileage travelled in your fee quotation for this.

*I can attend specially arranged valuation days.

*I try to work as efficiently as possible. Once my inspection is complete and all notes made the items for valuation can be returned to your safe or customer. I will return to my office to do any necessary research and calculations. I then type and print the final valuation schedule (certificate) for you. This may take upto five days from the original inspection date.

*The most important aspect of a valuation service is the taking in of the item or items. Not done correctly this could make for a bit of a nightmare. Therefor I would insist on using specific taking in forms and would offer myself to do a little staff training within your branch.

Click HERE to view or download an example of a taking-in form.

What do I charge you?

*As already mentioned it is my aim to give you at least a 2.4 mark up. The easiest way to calculate my cost to you the retailer is to divide the retail price to your customer by 2.4. For example you charge your customer £120.00 for a valuation and my cost will be £50.00. Cost is determined by your retail price/2.4. Beyond this we can negotiate other ways, maybe on the basis of a fixed price per valuation.

Subject to....

*This service has to be profit making and cost effective for us both. If it is not there is no point in me performing this service. (We may have to negotiate)

*You must provide me with details of your retail fees for this service prior to any arrangement between the two of us being made. It is irrelevant to me the way you charge your customer what is relevant is your costs and our profits. Your price list will help us work out the viability of me performing this service. 

*As mentioned my cost is based on making you a mark up of 2.4 (double plus VAT). This is in no way set in stone. If you have your own ideas then I am happy to negotiate.

Any agreement we make will be based on confidentiality and complete honesty.











(This can form the basis of a contract between us)