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I recently came across one of those “valuations”……….

The ones that consist of ‘one line’ descriptions. I really thought they didn’t exist any longer. This particular ‘valuation schedule’, or ‘certificate’, consisted of a single sheet of paper. It had three items described. Each description was one line long consisting of no more than ten words. For anyone who doesn’t know this sort of valuation schedule is not acceptable from any professional valuer. Any valuer who is a Member of the Institute of Registered Valuers or a member of the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers would have their membership cancelled for producing such work!


The detail was poor, the descriptions were poor, and worst of all the English used was infant like. One item was described as being 18 carat gold but when I inspected the item it had no hallmark. Only precious metal that is hallmarked 18 carat gold can be legally described as such. There were no photographs, no letters of transmittal, no schedule or explanatory notes and there wasn’t even a copy! On the plus side the schedule had been typed, be it in poor English and an envelope supplied.


The customer was charged and paid £285.00? Yes £285.00!! In my opinion it wasn't worth £2.85. I feel advantage was taken of an unsuspecting, unknowing consumer. Whatever service is offered, in any circumstance or situation, it should be carried out properly and used as an opportunity to impress through skill, expertise and professionalism. It is the best way to promote and advertise. In this instance the customer deserved better.


I have been trained to perform professionally and thoroughly and have over 15 years appraisal experience, IRV membership, qualifications that I have worked hard for, thousands of pounds worth of examining & testing equipment and a collected library of over 90 books. I would have done the job for less money, been informative, helpful and produced a thorough, justifiable and professional piece of work worth what the customer paid for it.


I don’t know how people can get away with charging £285.00 for a service severely lacking in morals, ethics and principles. The schedule produced could in no way be justified. It seems some people are happy to take a good amount of money and give no service or value in return!


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